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Is Today My Lucky Day to Gamble?

How to tell if it’s your Lucky Day to Gamble

The most dreading question to most gambling enthusiasts is; how do I tell if today is my lucky day to gamble?

Well, in this article, you’ll learn the ins and outs of knowing how you can tell your lucky gambling days to help you enjoy your gambling experience at all times. Sounds exciting, right?

 Let’s dive in:

The idea of lucky days isn’t a new thing in the world we are living, and so for highly enthusiastic gamblers, it’s got most thinking what could be done to determine how one can have a higher chance of hitting the jackpot or winning all placed bets.

That said, this article sifted through and distilled a comparison of dates and days that builds a gambling horoscope reference that you can factor and use into your Gambling.

It is simple: whether you’re looking for a betting horoscope, or you’re just curious enough to test your star signs on a bearing of your gambling ups and downs, or you’re just looking to know how to tell your lucky gambling days or both, this guide is here to help. Consider the following steps as your start to understanding your gambling stardom and lucky days:

 Embrace and use the Aries sign: March 21st to April 19th

As said earlier, we’re living in a world of signs, and lucky day’s prediction has always been a thing. Your first homework is to know and embrace the Aries sign, which is the first zodiac sign the world knows to help you predict and tell your lucky gambling days.

When it comes to Aries, Gambling can be done whether there is a feeling of luck or not. The idea of using this sign is to make sure you come first. In this, it means you place bets first before others do.

During these dates, the most important thing to note and do when placing bets is to keep a rein on your competitive feelings.

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 Here’s how to use Aries Zodiac sign for lucky Gambling:

Aries lucky gambling numbers and days

If you’re born between the mentioned days of Aries zodiac sign, learning to identify numbers that bring luck is always a simple thing. If you’re not born between these dates, here’s how you can tell a lucky day:

According to Astrologists, number nine is assigned to Aries and Mars. This is to say, placing bets amounting to nine and its multiples during the dates mentioned above are luckier to gamblers. The idea here is simple:  Place bets amounting to nine or its multiples from March 21st to April 19th. These days and number nine is where the lady luck of Aries Zodiac sign lies primarily if you were born between or exactly on such dates.

Aries lucky dates and colours for Gambling

Apart from using number nine from March 21st to April 19th, you can follow the sign’s color that denotes lucky Gambling. That color is Red.

Red on these dates predicts a headstrong attitude with regards to competition in most casino games. The color presents inspiration and confidence, making it easier to take action and win without hesitation or worry, which mostly brings down lucky spirits to most gamblers who place bets with a hesitating feeling.

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The actual days and dates of Aries gamblers

When speaking of Aries sign and its lucky gambling expertise, Tuesday is its first day associated with Mars. That said, Tuesday becomes the most favorable day to place bets from March 21st to April 19th.

If you find it confusing, here’s a breakdown of how to apply the Aries sign’s nine and its multiples rule in determining your Gambling lucky days:

  • Start with Tuesdays in September and Tuesdays that fall on multiples of nine. These are dates ranging from 18th, 27th, and also counting multiples of nine from March 21st to April 19th, which can be 36days and so on.

 Following and using the Taurus Sign: April 20th -May 20th

Taurus is the second zodiac sign you can use to tell and predict your Gambling lucky days. Here’s how:

The sign is represented by the Bull, which has a certain degree of stubbornness. When the Taurus sign was carefully investigated, it didn’t just show the stubbornness character of the Bull but also proven to be the only sign used as a landmark of the Wall Street- which is arguably the most magnificent financial district the world knows. Putting this sign and Wall Street in mind, winning is always thought to be closer to gamblers.

 The rule here is also simple: Money is always in the minds of gamblers who like this sign, which motivates them to get as much as they wish to help them get more beautiful things in life.

That said, Taurus gamblers are those that take a certain amount of caution when placing bets. To use this sign, start by placing smaller but steady bets that help you build a decent pot over those who place huge but risky bets once.

With days from April 20th to May 20th of every year, develop a habit of placing small but steady bets instead of staking colossal amount at once.

Taurus gambling days and numbers

Traditionally, this sign comes with days of dates 5th and 6th of months between April and May. Also, it is wise to consider alternating periods and days of these months; For instance, it is believed placing bets on date May 6th works in most gamblers’ favor.

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May 21st to June 20th

Another way to tell your Gambling lucky days is following the Gemini zodiac sign that comes between May 21st to June 20th of every year.

The secret on these days and dates is that gamblers can find games that will engage their busy minds and analyze them before placing bets.

With this sign, the best game you can bet on between these days is Roulette. This sign aims to draw your winning chances closer by analysing games and matches by concentrating harder in the prediction. It is believed the more time you take analysing events, the familiar it looks to those who push and stick to their ambitions and objectives; hence end up getting rewarded, so will you once you place bets you’ve struggled to analyse. Luck can also be attributed to some animals where some animals slots at casinos are considered lucky.

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How Criminals Use Casinos To Launder Millions

Since casinos have huge amounts of money flowing through their system, criminals target them to launder dirty money. Authorities are always on the lookout for such criminals to prevent a mix up of clean money with illegal money. Casinos are the most hit because they entail the movement of huge sums of money at a fast speed.

The possibility of gambling sites being used as vehicles of changing filthy money into untraceable clean money is high.  Plus, the criminals escape having to explain the source of the money. Casino money laundering is an illegal way of cleansing proceeds from crimes. It’s for these reasons that most authorities compel casinos to put up effective controls or risk paying heavy fines.

The Process of Money Laundering explained

Money laundering is the process of getting rid of payments that can be traced back to illegal activities by trading it with clean money. This trade can happen through banks, bars, liquor stores, taxies, casinos, businesses, etc.

Playing in casinos offers opportunities to change money into chips. This cannot happen in a bank. Criminals take advantage of this and invest a lot in casinos.

Since casinos never ask players to state the source of their deposits, it’s difficult to detect crooks.  However, it is possible to note suspicious behavior simply by tracking a player’s transaction history.

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Stages of money laundering

  • Placement – depositing money into a financial system
  • Layering – disguising financial transactions to prevent any trails.
  • Integration – integrating dirty money with clean money

Money laundering and casinos

Criminals use various methods to launder illegal cash at gambling sites. Below are a few examples.

  • Minimal gambling

This is a form of casino money laundering where an individual cashes in a lot of money, plays a few bets only for them to cash out moments later. That way, the person will not incur any loss. Their intent is not to play high stakes games, but to integrate the money into the system. With patience, they can easily get away with it without arousing any suspicions. If ever questioned about the source of the money, they can simply say they are from gambling winnings

It becomes an apparent act of casino money laundering when the customer makes a certain amount of deposits, withdraws everything, and closes the accounts. Most such accounts are registered using aliases making it difficult to trace the real culprit once they close them.

  • ‘Snurfing’

Another money laundering tactic is whereby money is split into chunks and divided among different players. The individuals then deposit the money separately at different casinos. Since they don’t want to get any attention, they open up several betting accounts and make deposits in all of them before emptying these accounts after playing a few bets.

 Identifying one criminal is simple. However, when the sinister activity involves a cartel distributed across various casinos, discovering such moves is a daunting task. They work like a web interconnected making it difficult to link one person to the other. Secondly, transactions may appear legitimate because the volumes of amounts deposited and withdrawn aren’t so high. They’ve reduced them to reasonable amounts.

The situation is worsened by the fact that we have numerous gambling sites operating without licenses. Whether the betting sites are licensed or not, transactions in and out of accounts are imminent. Players must make deposits before placing bets and have the right to withdraw when it translates to wins.

Casinos Do’s and Don’ts.

The main differences between casino money laundering and standard money laundering.

Statistics show that there is a large percentage of illegal money changing hands all year long. There aren’t many differences between laundering through gambling and the standard process. When it’s through gambling, detecting it is harder because the money attains a degree of legitimacy. Even if the criminals were to lose the bet, they only play a small percentage of their stash. Their main agenda is to withdraw the money, not play and win.

 How industries are combating casino money laundering

To counter these illegal acts, gambling sites have put up measures to help identify any money laundering activities and forward the report to the authorities. They have to verify their players and keep trail records of deposits.

Authorities have tightened their restrictions prompting gambling sites to be more diligent or risk losing their licenses. They may also be required to pay huge fines if they are sloppy in handling money-laundering suspects. Improper checks allow criminals to sneak in.

How Cryptocurrency limit money laundering

Most online casinos are now accepting cryptocurrencies hence proving to be a challenge for criminals as liquidating crypto-assets isn’t easy. Most of them will avoid using this method.

Micro laundering through games

The process of micro-laundering is similar to money laundering. Some criminals opt for role-playing games that involve multiple players. The three main steps of micro laundering include;

  • Purchase of credits using stolen cards
  • Opening a shop on the credits-selling site
  • Once a buyer purchases the credits, the illegal money becomes clean.

Since the process is super-fast, spotting such activities is extremely hard.

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The future of online gambling

All businesses that offer legitimate gambling operations are obliged to take legal responsibilities since these areas and laws in place to deal with money laundering cases. The success of gambling depends on them being more credible. If they can adhere to the rules, cases of money laundering will not be rampant. 

Money laundering has revolutionized as more and more criminals are now moving onto casinos and online gambling sites. They use illegally earned cash to place a few sure bests and disguise it as genuine gambling winnings. On the face, it may seem easy to detect casino money laundering activities, but tracing them is tricky. Since the problem has escalated, it cannot be ignored and authorities are working hand in hand with casino owners to curb the menace. They have set guidelines for companies to follow and report suspected laundering.


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