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Beginner’s Guide to Online Casinos

Beginner’s Guide to Online Casinos

For many years, the online Casino is tremendously enjoyed by millions of gambling enthusiasts around the globe, and its popularity seems to always climb over the shelves.

The bad news is that if you have never played these games for real money, the same idea of enjoying online Casinos can be daunting for you. One thing is for sure, knowing which online casino platform to join is challenging for many, especially beginners.

Because of that, this guide is here to help. It has sifted through and distilled all the useful online casino information every beginner needs to get started. Let’s dive in, shall we?

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Top reasons why you should choose online Casino as a beginner

Firs off the gates, casino games can be played traditionally in places that have been around for decades. Both beginners and experts have played famous casinos like the mortar and brick casinos in the casino field. But, why is it magnificent to choose online Casino over the famous Las Vegas and other prominent physical casinos?

Here’s why:

 As you can imagine, traveling to famous casino places like Reno, New Jersey, and Las Vegas isn’t just a waste of resources but also hard if you’re not sure about your casino expertise and learning from people at such places could take you years. Why?

Because those who go there are always looking to win their huge bets back, they don’t have time to teach anyone and won’t hesitate to take advantage of your semi-level casino expertise. Worse, enough, you will end up traveling back a loser as well as demoralized with your casino gambling enthusiasm.

For those reasons, you can stay home and gamble at your convenience, which is why online Casino becomes a choice you need to embrace. Even better, other reasons for every beginner to choose online Casino over physical Casino are:

  • Promotions and jackpots
  • Variety of game choices & trusted platforms
  • Entertainment
  • Safety and ease of gaming

Well, let’s get to each of the above in details:

Promotions and Jackpots

One significant reason why, as a beginner, you should embrace online Casino is because of its excellent promotions it comes with. Every day, week, and month, there are promotions that one gets once their game levels up. This is a tremendous step that motivates you to skyrocket your casino skills day in and out.

Alternatively, you’ll love online casinos when you hear about its jackpots. This is no joke; jackpots are enormous amounts of money that anyone can win- there is no bias here. Whether you’re an expert who has played for decades or a beginner who just played for fun, jackpots are won by any!

Weekly and monthly jackpots come with an estimated amount of a whopping $100,000+.This amount is a game changer to beginner players who take things seriously. Here’s how a jackpot can change your casino enthusiasm from just interests to an investment in the field:

Once you’ve won a jackpot, online casino officials and brands recognize you as one of their best players on a list. This is independent of your experience. It gives you a chance to participate with players who place colossal amounts of money per bet. Once you win even a single game from such, you’ll be making really good money! Secondly, being a jackpot winner comes with ambassadorial opportunities you won’t like to miss. 


With online casinos, safety is always guaranteed. There are no cases of newbies taken for granted by experts. There are also speedy cashouts, quality loading service, 24/7 customer care services, and money back guaranteed policies on some reputable platforms. These are things you’ll not have from physical casinos.


Online casinos have come along, and these days, players enjoy dozens of entertaining tips and tricks from live streams with dealers and expert gamers.

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The Best yet Entertaining Online casino games for beginners

 Well, after giving you a beginner clue of reasons why you should gamble online instead of physical Casino, here are your to-go beginner-friendly, best and entertaining casino games of all time:

Let’s take a look:

Online Casino Slots

If you heard from others that online slots games were mere matters of lining up bells, you heard wrong. Here’s the truth:

Online casino slots are becoming a no brainer mini-entertaining casino genre for players. They come in movie-tie ins and ancient Rome style games full of humor to keep you entertained as you focus on winning your money.

Slots also allow you to break bonuses with video clips and give you a chance to interact with others, which opens a door of winning massive jackpots.

Best of all, beginners can start playing online casino slots by starting with demos to horn their skills before getting far with the game.

Online Casino beginner-friendly live dealer games

Next, up best beginner, online casino games are the live dealer games. Real dealers run them. Live dealer games make it easy for beginners because of their high technology, which helps one select game from real studios around the globe. With these games, gambling is at your mouse’s reach, where you can play as many games as you desire.

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Online Casino Beginner’s Dos and Don’ts

At this point, it is wise for you as an online casino beginner to know the Dos and Don’ts of the online casino world to keep you in the lights. Let’s dive into this right away:


  • Read all the rules of the game carefully before starting
  • Select games wisely
  • Take advantage of bonuses
  • Have fun while playing
  • Play as many demos as you can first
  • Once you chose a game, stick to it and master it

The Don’ts

  • Don’t chase winning
  • Don’t risk it all at once
  • Don’t play just any game
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Casino’s Dos and Don’ts

Everything You Should Know about Casino Etiquette

It is fascinating walking to a casino under the bright lights, joining the table and playing your favorite games gives every gambler a tremendous joyous feeling.

Here’s your to-go guide for all the Dos and Don’ts of a casino.

In this guide, you’ll find answers most Casino experts and beginners have to answer to help them understand casino etiquette such as:

  • What do I have to wear when going to a Casino?
  • How should one behave in a Casino?
  • Is it okay for one to observe a game before joining?
  • Can one sit at a casino without playing?
  • Should one give money directly to the casino dealer?
  • Can you directly talk to the dealer?
  • Are cell phones allowed at the Casino?

Now, let’s dive into the details, shall we?

The Do’s of playing a Casino

Whether you’re a Casino expert or a beginner, you’re probably aware that it is obvious for every typical Casino to have cameras all over and security guards. Well, this shouldn’t scare you at all. Guards and cameras is an all casino tradition that started long ago.

 The thing here is simple; once you get your legs into a casino, try to behave in a way that you’ll never be easily noticed as a newbie. Here are simple Casino Dos you can follow:

Wear Casino Appropriate Outfit

It is as simple as that, if you’re looking to fit in the casino world-dress for the occasion!

Well, dressing for the occasion doesn’t mean you’ll have to go to a shopping mall and spend all your money on “Casino clothes.”  In other words, plan your outfit and try to appear as a semi-expert or a real casino expert.

How to Use Online Casino Filters to Find Your Favorite Online Slots.

Be Polite

As a rule of thumb, every game has its etiquette and manners- to some like Chess and Drafts, specific behaviors are allowed, and politeness isn’t taken much seriously. Well, this is different when it comes to Casino.

As a casino participant, whether you’re winning or losing, keep in mind you’re expected to show a high level of politeness. In the world of games, we all know how easily one can be carried away by others and feelings. That said; stay on the safe side of enjoying your Casino games by staying as polite as you can.

In case you’re winning, try to keep your voice in a low profile and if you’re losing, be calm and stay relaxed throughout.  Again, every player is supposed to know how much money they can afford to wager and lose to avoid misunderstandings with opponents and personal stress.

Carefully observe every Gameplay before Joining

It is always wise to wait and watch a few hands of any game before you decide to participate. By doing so, you’ll be opening yourself a door to pick up a few rules and tactics you can put up in your game strategy. The benefits of observing a game before joining is to lead you to a much better atmosphere in your decision-making.

The other advantage of observing a game before joining is giving you a chance to be aware of each table’s maximum and minimum bets and how they differ.

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Ask if you can join a table

When it comes to Casino etiquette, permission isn’t something you’ll want to leave behind. If you’re a Casino newbie, asking to join a table is the first Do’s of Casino you’ll have to keep in mind.

As soon as you’ve decided on a table you’d like to sit at or join a game, ask if you can join. Once you sit, make sure you take breaks from every game you want to join. The advantage of taking breaks after joining a new game is because you’ll have a chance to start every game with a fresh mind- this will help you control your winning or losing chances.

Don’ts of Casino

As mentioned earlier, from the time you walk into the doors of a casino, your etiquette becomes an essential thing to keep. What is important is that you don’t want to get yourself on the wrong side of things or, even worse, get yourself disqualified from playing. To enjoy the best of your favorite casino games, remember to follow the following Don’ts:

Avoid sitting at a table if you’re not going to play

In case you’re just a casino enthusiast spectator, and you’re only interested in watching, don’t sit at a table until you’ve made your decision to play.

Additionally, if you come to spectate a friend, make sure you stay behind the table. The rules of Casino are simple; seats are only reserved for players.

Don’t give your money to the Dealer

Always when at a casino, try to remember one more thing- never give your money to the dealers around. The rule is; dealers aren’t allowed to handle cash or chips directly. As soon as you get your chips, make sure you put them on the table immediately. Lastly, don’t change your mind about the chips, once you’ve made your decision, stick to it.

How to Use Online Casino Filters to Find Your Favorite Online Slots.

No talking to the Dealer

Ok, here’s something else you should avoid- don’t talk to the dealer. It is allowed to ask the dealer a question or two, but don’t make it a habit because they’re not your instructor.

The etiquette here is simple: respect other players who are trying hard to concentrate on their moves. If in case you must talk to the dealer, learn to ask questions between hands. 

Don’t use your Phone at a Casino Table

Using your Phone during casino gameplay isn’t just unethical but also rude to distract others.  Most casino croupiers will ask players to turn off their phones during games. In case you decide to keep your phone in silent mode and receive a call, step away from the table.

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Tips that can increase your chances of winning at scratch cards

A complete Guide of how to win scratch off tickets easily

If you’ve been in the gambling world for sometimes, you’re already aware that winning is a combination of luck and strategies.

Well, when it comes to gambling games like Lottery and scratch cards, winning isn’t a leisurely walk in the park.

If you’ve ever had such questions in your gambling life, you’re in the right places to find answers. In this ultimate gambling and winning guide, you’re about to find out the tips that can help you increase your chances of winning at scratch card games and a guide on how you can win scratch off tickets with easy.

Let’s get the party started, shall we:

Stay away from buying cheap cards

One thing is for sure in gambling that will reduce your chances of winning scratch cards like a plague, and that is running after cheap tickets!

Yes, as we both know, there are mind-blowing numbers of cheap cards in the gambling market, but the truth is, dealers are selling them because they know they reduce your winning odds, so keep off from them as much as you can.

Know your card before buying it

Here is another tip you’ll want to keep in mind when you’re ready to win scratch cards without a sweat, which is to check the prints on your cards.

Checking your card prints is a way of identifying your winning odds before getting started with the game.  Scratch cards come with either longer or shorter odds prints, checking them will help you decide the one you’re interested in before paying for it.

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Buy your cards in dozens

There is one tip that has helped many gamblers win much from scratch cards that most won’t tell you-that trick is buying many tickets at once.

Whether you are a scratch cards gambling expert or a newbie, you should buy your cards in bulk for your games:

Buying cards in bulky gives you a chance to speculate your card prints and start with the ones that come with higher odds of winning.

Buying cards in numbers also increases your chances of winning because manufacturers tend to place winning odds tickets in a line- you might buy the whole winning odds aligned together in most cases.

Play your cards games like you’re playing slots games

When you’re genuinely prepared to win your card games, don’t wait to play your next moves only when other players are going dry. Here’s why:

The longer the machine takes or goes drought, the easier it is about to hit a win. You can make sure that doesn’t happen if you play cards like slots. The idea here is simple: play cards like slots games to reduce the chances of opponents hitting a win, which increases your chances.

Play cards with a target and budget

Just like other gambling games, winning is all about target and budget. Once you’re aware of what you’re anticipating and have the best budget at hand, your chances of victory will automatically increase. Here are the reasons:

You see, a budget will limit you from playing games when you’re not prepared or in moods. This makes sure you’re taking games like an investment that you’ll always be looking forward to making something out of it.

On the other hand, a target will increase your playing motivation, which increases winning chances because you’ll be playing with all of you- your concentration and enthusiasm will be focused on one thing.

Lastly, a budget will make you stop when winning isn’t on your side for a particular time. This will help you know the best days for you. That said, make sure you’ve got a weekly, monthly, and daily targets and budget for your gambling, and winning won’t be hard to attain.

Decide and stick to a single game

Just like many gambling games, knowing and mastering your game is an open door to your winning chances. In the scratch card selection, most players get confused by the number of available games.

Don’t let this hinder your chances of winning. Pick your game, master, and stick to it. By doing this, you’ll learn to understand the trends of cards and odds that have higher chances of winning.

How to use casino filters to Find your Favourite online spots.

Keep and embrace your losing cards

If you didn’t know, the world of scratch cards comes with a fantastic experience for those who keep losing cards at arm’s reach. This is precisely what happens with these cards and the game:

To most people, losing cards don’t mean a thing to them. When it comes to scratch cards, the more cards lose the closer to winning it becomes!

Because of this, if you learn to keep your losing cards, you’ll increase your chances of winning because, from them, you’ll be able to master the pattern, which will lead you to win one day.

Also, losing cards increases your chances of winning just like in Lottery, where sometimes, winners are selected from losers who were close to winning. Note, this only happens after a game goes many times without a winner.

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Stay close to your competitors

As the common proverb, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” winning in the scratch cards world has the same principle- the closer you’re to your competition, the better. How so? You may ask. Here is how:

By keeping an eye on your competitors, you may hear them reveal their tactics and lucky odds, which might be what you need to level up your game, thus increasing your winning chances.

On the other hand, once you notice a string of losses from your competitors, buying their losing cards keeps you on the right track of winning, basing this with the fact that the tickets that lose more are always near to hit the win!

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Slots With Cascading Reels

Modern slot machines have new features that are more entertaining. One popular feature that both online and casino players love is the cascading reels. Many software providers are now integrating it into slot games, making them fun and exciting to play. Other slot phrases to describe it include, tumbling reels, rolling reels, falling reels, avalanching reels, swooping reels, or collapsing reels. It’s a video slot that creates more opportunities to win, unlike games with only one pay line.  The traditional symbols will vanish, creating space for new ones that replace them. If lucky, you can get a bonus round that can increase your earnings.

How cascading reels work

Cascading reels are similar to how games such as Tetris and Gemix, operate. Every winning formula that includes a combination of symbols creates room for more symbols to drop down and occupy the space through video animation. You will receive your payment for the wins, as the symbols explode and disappear from the screen. Other new symbols will come up, creating a unique combination. That way, the probability of you landing another winning combination or a potential bonus game is high.

In case of another win, more symbols will cascade down the reels. It’s no wonder many prefer slots with cascading reels as compared to traditional slot machines. Players take advantage of this video game graphics to play more. With online casinos, players can view the paytable with all its payout for different symbols combinations and the jackpot.

Comparison between cascading reels and standard reels

There is a difference between the two in terms of how the symbols appear on the screen. With standard reels, you have to spin the reels, unlike cascading, where the reels fall. You may be familiar with standard spinning reels since they are a common feature in many slot products. Cascading reels adds a new element and has more opportunities to further winnings because players can win consecutively. That one spin can open additional in-game features.

Types of real slots with cascading reels.

Though there are many variations of the game, they are almost similar. All of them that have integrated this advanced feature operates the same way. Here are a few examples.

Tips that can increase your chances in winning at scratch cards.

Pyramid Quest for Immortality

As the name implies, this entertaining video slot from NetEnt studios takes you to Egypt. The five reels game provides 720 different ways of winning. The reels are stacked in a pyramid shape, while the backdrop symbols provide a beautiful Egyptian setting. Expect some multipliers and random wilds as you play, which will help increase your earnings. When you win an avalanche three times, your multipliers go up by one. Though the game appears risky, experienced players can make the most out of it.

Viking Runecraft

Another game that has this fun feature is Viking Runecraft by Play n GO. The best thing about this game is its high variance, allowing players to get low paying wins, but more frequently. Relieve the Viking experience though the theme that consists of 7 reels and seven rows. A single spin can give you a payout of up to 5000 times your stake.

On the left of the reels is a meter that charges every time the cascades are active. Players can then unlock other valuable features (godly features) that can remove, destroy, or transform a symbol. All these icons help increase your chances of hitting more winning combinations.

How Pay N Play Casinos work.


Bonanza, by Megaways, also makes this list of online cascading slots. It’s a thrilling game to look forward to thanks to the six reels and 117, 649 opportunities to win. Bonanza is one of the best base games because you can get a high number of ways to win on just one spin. You can get consecutive cascades that translate to big wins.

Your chances of winning can skyrocket instantly since the number of symbols keeps changing on the reels. It can easily switch from one to seven. Though you may get many low-paying symbols during the base game, things spice up once you activate the free spins bonus.

Every time you win, you not only get the cascades but an increase in the multipliers. Free spins can give you up to 12x. The more scatters you get, the more opportunities for wins.

Jungle Jim El Dorado

This game is by Microgaming and excitingly integrates the tumbling feature. Its theme is similar to Aztec explorer, but here we have a more modern explorer named Jim. It has a total of 25 paylines, with the minimum bet for each spin being 0.25.

Jungle Jim is slightly different from other cascades with its five multipliers, ranging from one to five. You’ll require many cascades to activate them. The only time you can enjoy the x12 multiplier is when you get free spins.

It’s a fun game to play that can give you numerous chances to win even if you spin once.

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Gonzo’s Quest

NetEnt presents Gonzo’s Quest, one of the most popular cascading slots. In addition to its beautiful graphics and theme, this slot game has a lot to offer. It features 20 paylines, five reels, and has a volatility of medium to high.

The avalanching reels have x5, x3, x2, and x1, multipliers on each consecutive cascade. The minimum bet is 0.20, while the maximum is 50.00. The free spins game is more entertaining, giving you a chance to unveil higher multipliers of up to x15.

Overall, cascading reels when in combination with other features such as multipliers offer thrilling gaming experience. As compared to traditional standard reels, it is more appealing, thanks to the video animations. The bonus games, free spins, and changing multipliers is music to players’ ears. You may try out the free slot games on your mobile or computer to understand the game’s mechanics. Take advantage of the many opportunities available for potential big wins.

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10 Songs That Talk about Gambling

Some songs describe the actual gambling process and will make you want to learn more about the game. Other songs use gambling as a metaphor to illustrate deeper meanings concerning life. If you don’t like the soundtracks in the slots that you play, you may want to listen to other soothing songs about gambling.  These are songs that cover roulette, blackjack, poker, and any other gambling-related theme. Below is a list of 10 songs that talk about gambling

Casinos Do’s and Don’ts.

Shape of my Heart (1993) – Sting

Sting questions why people or gambling in his ballad song ‘Shape of My Heart. The song tells the story of a gambler who’s reasons for paying is not to win, but rather, to discover things. It is a meaningful song with a great melody that will entertain you as you play or relax.

The Gambler (1978) – Kenny Rogers

This classic country song is one of the most successful by legendary musician Kenny Rogers. It is very popular across the world, thanks to its storytelling tactics about a gambler’s fate—the song in a genius way of linking gambling to life experiences.  The lyrics of the songs explain well why you should be cautious when betting. Famous lines include, Every hand’s a winner, and every hand’s a loser / And the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep.” Through such lines, you can see the depression and bad feelings associated with losing a gamble. He sums it up with, “Know when to walk away.”

Waking Up in Vegas – Katty Perry

Las Vegas is synonymous with betting and casinos and probably hosts the most casinos in the world. A lot takes place there, not just gambling; hence the phrase “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Wild night outs full of partying, gaming, and even impromptu marriage are common. This is the main theme in Katy Perry’s song, Waking Up In Vegas that narrates the story of a young couple trying to figure out their previous night’s encounters in Vegas. This pop song will enhance your mood as you play and make you want to dance.

Poker Face (2009) – Lady Gaga

This Lady Gaga’s vibrant song peaked at number 6 on the Billboard charts and is one of her best selling singles. It’s somewhat different from the other songs on this list because it’s not about poker. Though the song is a romantic one whose theme is strengthening the relationships,  it alludes to Poker. You’ll hear poker terminologies used throughout the song as she makes a comparison between love and poker games. The song still resonates in our heads thanks to its genius lyrics and is one of the few modern songs about poker. One of its best lines is, “I wanna hold ‘em like they do it in Texas, please.”

How To Start a Casino.

Spin Me Around (1985)- Dead or Alive

Traditional standard casino games are all about spinning. The song Spin Me Around is perfect for listening when playing the roulette wheel or slots. You may find yourself spinning more and more when you listen to this number 1 hit song.

ViVa Las Vegas (1963) _ Elvis Presley

Viva Las Vegas is a famous Elvis Presley anthem. Las Vegas city is all about gambling. It’s no wonder Elvis wrote a beautiful ode dedicated to this dynamic gambling city. The song played a huge role in depicting Las Vegas as a gambling symbol; something that goes on till today. It was purposely produced as a soundtrack to the movie with the same name in 1964.

This song talks of the fun and excitement of living in Las Vegas as you play poker, roulette, and blackjack all day long. How players can make huge wins only for them to lose it all in later deals.

Some lines from the song include, “Viva Las Vegas, turnin’ day into nighttime / Turnin’ night into daytime / If you see it once / You’ll never be the same again.”

The Dealer (2014) – Stevie Knicks

Though the song appeared in Steve Knicks recent album, it dates back to 1979. It’s interesting that over three decades later, the song still resonates with current nature of gambling. The Dealer makes some card references as it talks about love and regret.

Countin – 2 Chainz

This song by 2 Chainz is an excellent example of a hip-hop song that talks about the ups and downs of betting, where you can win big, or lose terribly. Listen to the cool lyrics of this song as 2 Chainz elaborates on his lessons and experiences with sports betting. Bet a hundred thousands with the Falcons / Lose a hundred thousands with the Falcons.”

Ace of Shades (1980) – Motorhead

Motorhead is an English band that released great songs including Ace of Shades that uses many gambling terminologies in the lyrics. It’s a simple rock song presented through speed metal at an impressive speed. Lemmy Kilmister, one of the band members used to play slots in London and together with his drummer and guitarist, wrote a fantastic song about poker.

Tips that can increase your chances of winning at scratch cards

Huck’s Tune – Boby Dylan

This song was the soundtrack to the film, “Lucky You.” Boby Dylan does a good job of highlighting the gambling industry influences money, relationships, and poker. All of these are evident in the film.

Gambling is about both winning and losing. Every player knows the distasteful feeling that comes whenever you are not lucky. Huck’s Tune captures these emotions. The lyrics go, The deck’s gone cold…You push it all in, and you have no chance to win.”

These songs about gambling aren’t restricted to only one genre. From hip-hop, rock, country, pop, to rhythmic blues, all pick some attributes from the gambling industry and present them lyrically. Apart from entertainment, the songs provide informative concepts about the games. You can learn a lot just by listening to them, even if you have never played.

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How to Start a Casino

Every entrepreneur desires to begin a business that will give them returns on their investment. There are many ideas one can consider, especially those that can bring yields both online and offline. Gambling is a classic gaming activity whose popularity keeps growing. Online casinos have made the games more accessible. Whether planning to open up an online or land-based gambling site, ensure to follow all the protocols. Here is how to start a casino.

Draft a good business plan

A business plan will help you know what the market is like, if the casino will attract customers based on your target market research and why starting a casino is a great idea. List everything including the kind of management you will have for the business; solely owned, a dual partnership and or a business that requires external investors.

Know whether there are other people in your area engaged in the casino business and what kind of games they offer. This will help in analysing the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses while ensuring you stay ahead and offer a unique game with greater offers for the players. Planning for the business is the first step to realizing a profitable casino.


Get licensed

Register your new casino as a certified business and get the license to operate in the region you choose whether local or international. Know the laws governing the casino and gambling businesses and Make the business legit such that your players will have no qualms about trusting the casino with their money, placing bets and playing the games.

Pay all fees required to start the casino upfront and secure the period you will operate within, yearly or renewed every six months. Research about the country of registration as some places consider casinos and gambling as a wholly illegal and have stringent laws that prohibit betting. Follow the rules of the land for a smooth casino business operation.

Choose a professional software provider

High ranking casinos are known for their bug-free games which can be played without disruptions. You can choose to create your own games and buy all the rights to use them however you will like to have a software service provider on retainer whom you trust. Buying your own slot machines and games keeps you in control as you won’t have monthly cost expenditure to pay to outside sources.

Pick what works best depending on your budget, business plan, and long-term goals. The prominent game providers with excellent reviews that can outsource high-quality games for you affordably are Micro gaming, Amatic Industries, and Play tech. Whichever software provision method you choose, remember to negotiate for regular maintenance, support, and updates for the same as an after-sales package.

The online casino web design

First impressions determine if the casino will have repeat clients or not. Therefore, spend money to get value on the web design, use engaging colors, an interactive interface, and give the players a good user experience. Make sure the website is functional without dumping info on the players. The system should work without disturbances and all payments done in single clicks.

Select a working payment method

Online gaming is a gamble if security is not guaranteed. To make the gamers feel safe and your business reliable, consider giving the players a variety of secure payment systems that safe. Frauds are likely to hack into any system that is not encrypted and change a lot thus make you lose income and clients for fear of losses and their banking data leaking.

Give your clients options to choose and use either mobile phone banking, credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and other online payment services such as PayPal which are convenient and accessible to them.


Hire trustworthy employees

Finding the right fit for your startup casino business should be a top priority. These employees should be qualified personnel who can handle any challenges, and respect the privacy of the gamers. Vet them thoroughly and train from time to time on new trends, the casino games and how they work, the payment methods, and most importantly client relations.

Be sure to hire people passionate about betting who will keep the business running with minimal to no supervision. Gamers are people too who value excellent treatment and will always return to a casino with great customer service.

Launch the casino

The new casino will require some hype before launch to attract potential gamers and retain them. Market it on digital platforms, use search engine optimization (SEO) to make the site appear first on search engines, and write persuasive email marketing messages. Since the casino is an online betting site, target your promotional messages to gamers who are more likely to refer your effective casino and games to their friends, colleagues, and business partners.

Partner with other businesses whose brands align with your casino for instance a beverage company that will offer discounts to every gamer who plays a specific number of times. These collaborative partnerships will win customers from both sides and provide mutual benefits to all.

Beginner’s guide to online casinos.

Anticipate some challenges

Startups will face challenges from day one before the business picks. The struggle to get the first customer, the business stalling at some point, stiff competition from other casinos that have existed for longer and change in the business economy. Prepare for the kind of reception you will get, the problems to be encountered and be solution-oriented. Do not give up on the first failure, rather keep moving on.

Expand your casino

Congratulations! you have started your casino and business has picked. It is okay to look into expansion plans, introduce new games, and begin operations in other countries. It is possible, loop in investors who are willing to spend money on the casino or offer services such as software maintenance for every new casino website opened.

Be open to investors who will approach you based on your success and select one that will grow your business and still give maximum returns.

Follow these steps on how to start a casino and get yourself on the path to earning money through a legitimate business you will enjoy doing.  Remember to update your games to include current trends that can keep gamers glued to your casino always.

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Exclusive Guide to Playing Colossal Reels Slot Machines

Finding slots with colossal reels

Software developers keep surprising players with new online slots that have advanced features. Colossal Reels by Williams Interactive (WMS) is an excellent example of a unique slot type. Though the game is not very common, it’s available in most casinos. Initially, the feature was only available in lands-based games, but now, you can access it online. Some popular colossal reels slot machines that have the WMS trademark include;

  • Nation Double Play
  • Epic Monopoly II Slot
  • Kiss Slot
  • Cash Pump
  • Spartacus Gladiator of Rome slot
  • Fire Queen slot
  • Giant’s Gold slot

Experienced gamblers prefer Colossal reels because they are fun to play. If interested in playing, first confirm if the slot you have chosen has attached these reels. Read on to get more insights about what the game comprises especially its symbols and what they mean.

What to Expect;

  • 100 ways to win
  • Bonus features
  • Big-money slots


This slot game is different from other games in its structure. Other than the usual one reel, this one is made of two sets of reels; 5×4 and 5×12 on one game-screen. It is this unique feature that distinguishes it. The small set is similar to that of video slots and is on the left side. With all these reels, players can hit big wins as they play the 100 pay-lines available. Don’t let the many reels confuse you; you’ll be familiar with this new winning opportunity with a little practice.

Main Features

  • Two sets of reels all active at once
  • All reels got stacked symbols
  • Transferring wilds that can duplicate from reel to reel
  • A total of 100 pay-lines

Colossal Symbols

Having stacked symbols is an indicator of the possibility of regular small wins. You may be familiar with scatters and wild symbols common in many slot machines. We now also have colossal reel symbols, known as transferring wilds, which introduce a new dynamic.

They are slightly different but work almost similarly to wild symbols. Transferring wilds are real game-changers and can change into other symbols, apart from scatters. How these wilds appear across the reels is also different. Secondly, they are duplicated to other colossal reels.

You can get huge wins with these transferring wilds. Though they don’t appear regularly, when they do, they change the course of the game. They are valuable and will add more fun to the game by giving you opportunities to spin more.

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How the symbols work

Other than only playing with the usual scatters and expanding wild symbols, consider playing with these reel symbols, too, besides they can help you win. The formula for winning is similar to other slot machine games. As you spin, hope for more value symbols to line up because this often translates to bigger winning payouts. The more matching symbols you get on any of the activated pay-lines, the better for you.

These stacked icons appear on the 5×4 reels set whereby the wild one ‘transfers’ to a corresponding reel in the other big set that has 12 rows. Imagine having 12 wilds filling up all the rows. Obviously, the chances of it translating into bigger and better wins are high.

The reel symbols are slightly larger than the usual symbols; hence, they cover more than one-reel position and increase the chances of a winning formula when they appear. They can cover up to four adjoining reels. Since they are oversized, it’s easy to spot them whenever they are spun in.

Also worth noting that some slots allow you to access the colossal reel symbols at the base game, while others only provide them when you trigger a bonus game. You shouldn’t miss out on such entertaining features as you strive to increase the chances of winning. Go for slot machines that come with long-term payout percentage. Slots that have an RTP of over 96% are worth considering and in the long run, you’ll have more winning spins.

Pros and Cons

If you are a big gambler, all you want to utilize are the dual reels, the transferring wilds, and the 100 pay-lines. Playing these slot games makes sense because it offers you various ways to win – the colossal reel set, the main reel set, and the bonus transfer wilds that are the icing on the cake.

However, for this to be effective, you must play many pay-lines, as much as 60. Playing with all those stacked symbols means you must strive to get specific combinations. Better to confirm the RTP, as well as your gaming budget before deciding to play.

How to start a casino

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do colossal reels have big wins?

Yes, thanks to its transferring wilds feature, you can make big wins. The game provides numerous reels with at least one hundred pay-lines, thereby making it profitable.

  1. Can I access the game on the mobile phone?

Yes, these slots are also designed for mobile devices, meaning you can access them anytime you wish, provided you have the internet.

  1. What is the difference between colossal reels and other reels?

They have different symbols that work differently. The game’s layout is also different, as this one consists of two sets of reels, giving it a more innovative feature not found in other average video slots.

  1. Can I play for free?

Yes, you can make use of demo mode slots to play at no risk. You won’t worry about playing with real money while still enjoying the game’s exciting adventures. Take this as an opportunity to learn the game.


Colossal reels are classic and laid the foundation for the development of the more advanced games. It is the perfect game for players who enjoy playing on a large scale. Its features, such as transferring wilds, open the door for more ways to win. They can be rewarding and provide players with opportunities to win big. Give colossal reels slot machines a try; take a spin, and see how the game works.

Different types of slot machines for different players.

Casino Tips

When is the Right Time to Play Slots?

Though many assume that gambling wins are always random, playing it at the perfect time can help provide a conducive environment for winning. This doesn’t mean that there is a specific time for playing. Most casinos are available 24/7, allowing players to play whenever they want. Secondly, winnings are often random and depend on the RTP or volatility of the game.

Below you’ll get advice on when is the best time to play slot machines at a casino. Learn about timing huge jackpots, or how you can take advantage of offers to play online slots for free. If you have a favorite game, make the best out of it by playing it at the right time.

Playing Slot Machines at a Casino

Whether in Las Vegas or anywhere else in the world, the best time for gaming is at night. Nighttime brings a different vibrant atmosphere because it entertains many people. Most gamblers prefer playing at night. Numerous numbers translate to more significant jackpots. The casinos’ setting with its bright lights may confuse you in determining if it is day or night.

It doesn’t matter that much if you play during day or night in a land-based casino. You can follow your instincts and play whenever you feel lucky. However, the most recommended time is at night. Not all games solely depend on luck to win. Other games such as games of skills, mostly table games are best played at night. If you like playing poker tournaments, baccarat or blackjack nighttime is okay because the number of players is high. Secondly, winning in these games depends on employing some smart strategies.

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When is the best time to play slot machines at a casino?

Here is a summary key points to take note of;

  1. Communicate with the casino crew and find out which day of the week is perfect for playing slots.
  2. Daily gambling sessions are occasional, but nighttime is more official in many land-based casinos.
  3. When you play at nighttime, you can get other free offers, like free beers.
  4. Other than playing with strangers, involve your friends too to make it more fun.
  5. Find out if your favorite casino is offering any slot bonuses or if they have any special promotions.
  6. The nighttime atmosphere is conducive to playing slots.

When to Play Online Slots For Free

All first-time players often get a chance to play slots for free. They get a chance to feel the game and understand it’s storyline without playing with real money. If you are not a new player and would like to get a chance to play any game for free, consider signing up at a different gambling site. That way, you’ll be a first-timer on this other site and can explore various games.

Take advantage of the new player welcome bonus and use the free spins to learn more about the game; its symbols, jackpot, bonuses, graphics, how to play it, etc. Casinos differ from each other, and you may get some with high payouts or others with multiple software providers. It’s is up to you to select one which pleases you depending on your gaming objectives.

You should always be in the know for everything about the gambling market. Having this information will help you figure out the Get essential details about your favorite game or any of the popular games. Take note of when the game was/will be released, its RTP, its most valuable symbols and which combinations provide wins, the pay table, the software developer, and if the game is similar to previous versions by that developer.

Familiarize yourself with the storyline as this will help you understand the symbols and theme better. Being knowledgeable about all these game specifications will give you an upper hand when playing video slots. You’ll avoid making mistakes or unwise decisions.

Exclusive Guide to Playing Colossal Reels Slot Machines

When to Play for the Jackpot

Every gambler dreams of winning the jackpot. Players can’t ignore it, considering some do get lucky. You may be wondering if there is an appropriate time to play the jackpot. Check the development of progressive jackpots and play when you feel like it has accumulated a good amount.

High progressive jackpots is an indicator that it hasn’t been won for a while. Playing when the jackpot is big is the best time because there is a higher chance of winning it. The more players at one particular time, the higher the probability of a jackpot happening.

What should you avoid when choosing the best time to play slots?

It’s vital that you also know when not to play. Fundamental rules to consider include;

  1. Don’t begin to play before preparing a clear budget specifically for playing the games.  Your budget should determine if you can play and when you can play.
  2. If you are a new player, it’s never a good time to play with real money. Experiment first with free spins or your welcome bonus.
  3. In bad weather, do not play as this often slows down the internet or causes power outages.
  4. If you are not in a good mood or not feeling lucky that day, maybe due to a series of misfortunes, consider skipping it.
  5. If you have become a gambling addict, you should take a break.
  6. Don’t play with real money if you are out of emotional control. You may make bad decisions or play your entire money just because you were angry. Better play with a more rational mind.
  7. If the environment is not conducive, for instance, when there are way too many people around, then this isn’t the best time to play as there are many distractions.

These are just a few examples; you can always postpone your game if anything makes you uncomfortable. If you wondered when the best time to play slots at a casino, follow our guide, and you should be good to go. Remember, the chances of winning for each player is the same. The only difference that time brings in is the number of people at the casino. As long as you can access your favorite game or slot machine easily, give it a shot. 

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7 Best Gambling Related Manga Series

There are numerous manga comics with great casino adventures: storylines with a key focus on gambling. Such make interesting reads it’s no wonder they have become so popular, especially among gamblers. Look forward to never seen before characters entangled in fantastic plots. Most of them are involved in high stakes games and must do their best. The series provide characters who depend on gambling to survive, or for fame, with a lot at stake.

Manga is a term referring to comics from Japan. They feature various topics, including comedy, mystery, sports, business, adventure, gambling, among others. The stories are often published as series in magazines or paper books. Great ones are often adapted into TV shows and films. They are very popular in Japan making it a multi-billion industry. We’ve compiled a list of the best gambling related manga that may interest you. They include;

What is Manga?

  • Kaiji
  • Gin to kin
  • Legendary Gambler Tetsuya
  • Liar Game
  • Gamble Fish
  • Akagi
  • Usogui


Kaiji is a classic gambling Japanese manga series launched in 1996. Over the years, there have been developments in the series. The series is divided into six parts, and some, like Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor, was adapted into anime TV series. The latest section released in 2017 is titled, Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji. Renown manga author Nobuyuki Fukumoto presents an intriguing tale that has become one of the most beloved, series. It tells the story of a gambling lover and his ups and downs throughout his gambling activities.

The main character is a young jobless man trying to make a living during a hard economic time. He spends most of his time playing cheap pranks, gambling, taking alcohol, and smoking cigarettes. He must use his gambling skills to get out of the numerous challenges he faces especially debts. With this vast storyline and hidden gambling skills, it’s no wonder Kaiji is so popular.

When is the right time to play Slots.

Gin to Kin

Another great gambling manga worth reading is Gin to Kin, a very engaging series around since 1992. It’s by Nobuyuki Fukumoto and consists of 108 chapters. In 2017, a TV drama series with the same title was broadcast.

The story highlights dirty underground deals between low-profile men and politicians. It narrates the struggles of life and having to survive dangerous surroundings, including getting away from murderers. Follow Morita Testua, throughout his journey and see how gambling plays a key role in his endeavors. He is stressed up for being unsuccessful and resorts to gambling. His life changes once he meets Hirai, Ginji, a person involved in mysterious activities in an evil society. He introduces Morita to high-stake gambling, where he has to overcome stiff competition trying to become the ‘Kin.’

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

This popular series won numerous awards, making it one of the best gambling manga series. It was written by Fumei Sai and was first published in 1997. The story was adapted into an anime television series between 2000 and 2001. Legendary Gambler Tetsuya has won several awards proving how excellent it is.

It has an exciting storyline about Shinjuku’s people and their struggles after World War 2. They have run out of luck, and money becomes a problem. For many of them, the only way out is gambling. The story focuses on the competition between Tetsuya and another skilled player Boushu-san.

Liar Game

Another impressive manga series is Liar Game, first appearing in 2005. It’s a psychological thriller filled with suspense. A TV series of this comic was released in 2007 and its sequel in 2009.

The plot revolves around an honest college student who has to participate in a game full of lies. She receives a package with huge amounts of money and must play the Liar Game Tournament. With a lot of twists and turns, this story will improve your gambling experience.

Gamble Fish

Gamble fish is a Japanese series by Aoyama Hiromi. The series ran between 2007 and 2010. The setting is at an elite school, Shishidou Academy, and centres around a new transfer student who is into gambling. Tomu Shirasagi is a 14-year old boy who after recognizing his gambling skills, uses it to con other students. There is some mystery surrounding his past and the school seems to have a dark history. His mission is to seek revenge through a series of gambling matches.


Akagi: The Genius Who Descended into Darkness is another of Nobuyuki Fukumoto’s gambling-related manga series. It’s a classic story published in 1991 and was adapted into a film, books, and video games.

The story is about a boy named Shigeru Akagi, who carries a mythical status after dominating the Mahjong game. Mahjong is a Chinese tile-based game. Akagi becomes a legend after beating a yakuza member. He disappears but much later returns for yet another big match against his bitter rival who is now ‘king of the underworld.’

Exclusive Guide to Playing Colossal Reels Slots Machines.


Usogui, which means The Lie Eater, is a captivating manga released in 2005. This series by Toshio Sako was also adapted into video animation released in 2012. The plot is about a character Baku Madarame nicknamed Usogui, who loves betting so much that he is willing to bet his life. However, all gamblers are under the watchful eye of a powerful organization, Kagerou, which oversees all game.

Some of the dangerous games Usogoi is involved in include Hangman, Old Maid, and Escape the Abandoned Building. His plan to take full control of Kagerou and high-stakes gambling makes it a thrilling story that will keep you entertained. This series offers many life lessons that many gamblers may find helpful.

These are some of the best gambling manga you’ll ever come across. Some are classic and date years back while others are more modern. All of them have captivating plots related to gambling and are good reads. If you love storylines that are full of suspense and with risky situations, check out these great mangas.

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Girls Slots: The Best Slot Games For Girls

Girls are fond of playing slots especially for those not interested in table games. Playing slots is cheaper and offers the opportunity to win jackpots. Girls slots are more attractive and fun to play. With colourful themes filled with fantasy, adventure, and romance, it’s no wonder they are popular.

Females have a liking for fashion and high standard cultural activities. Players are more drawn to games such as Diamond Princess, American Glamour and Glitter Girls because of their appeal.  Slots that target girls are entertaining and got fantastic animation and clear audios. Anyone can play these slots, even beginners won’t have a hard time since they are easy to start. No skills or strategy is required. Check out the best slot games for girls you can try.

Tips that can increase your chances of winning scratch cards

Zodiac Ladies

One top-tier game perfect for girls is the Zodiac Ladies. The game integrates well princesses here on earth with other cosmic forces. This fantasy element adds excitement to the gaming experience. Enjoy the beauty of the night sky set on a gorgeous background consisting of heavenly bodies, stars, and glistening water. Increase the fun as you enjoy the beauty of shooting stars, and other fantastic features. The game has a lot to offer, with wilds, wheel of destiny bonuses, and astral eclipse bonus rounds that often translate to big wins.

Cabaret Rouge.

Cabaret rouge is a great choice for showbiz lovers. Follow all the best that Las Vegas and Atlantic City entertainment have to offer. You get to visualize all these as you play on a sparkling screen. Girls prefer playing games full of glitz and glam, and this slot does not disappoint. In addition to the entertainment, the game offers a total of 50 pay-lines hence increasing winning chances. Also expect re-spins, wild symbols and scatters.

Beautiful Bandits

Another popular girls slots is Beautiful bandits: an action-packed game with a western theme. The characters are cowgirls possessing guns hence creating an exciting storyline that will keep you engaged. The three beautiful bandits showcasing their shooting prowess as they accumulate money. An exciting feature to look forward to is the Great Train Robbery Bonus which is activated when you hit the wild bonus round.

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Goddess of the Pyramids

As the name suggests the slot’s storyline takes you to Egypt during the reign of Cleopatra. Relieve the moment when Queens ranked high in supremacy. The story of Cleopatra is a unique one and her beauty is one of the most tackled about attributes. Goddess of the pyramids is a slot game that recreates the Egyptian beauty. It provides a surreal experience through the setting that features The Nile, Sahara Desert, and the Pyramids. This 5×4 set of reels together with 50 ways of winning sparks up the entertainment.

Mega Moolah

This slot by Micro gaming is one of the most popular slot games loved by fans worldwide. Many love it because of the progressive jackpot increasing chances of winning huge payouts. Like the above-mentioned games, it has wonderful designs with beautiful graphics. The gameplay is fun to play too and will keep you glued to the screen.

Wild Girls

Who wouldn’t want to watch amazing bikers with over the top attitudes in action? The two girls help improve the aesthetics of the game as they peddle the way creating scenarios for wins. Women who love gambling will love this game because of the symbols and a variety of rewards. Wild slots is a fun action-filled slot game by Wazdan. The bikers, graphics, sound, and of course the wins, bring everything to life.

Glitter Gems Slot

Girls love diamonds so they’ll find this game entertaining. It’s glittered everywhere, including the gems. The colors are bright and vibrant, and the glamorous theme extends throughout the whole game. Glitter gems is easy to understand and girls can make their way around the game quickly. The game doesn’t have many buttons on the screen and the player can select options without any challenges.

Bad Girl Slot Machines

This is an interesting video slot that girls will find entertaining. It’s top sounds and amazing graphics will keep you focused on the game for hours. Specifically designed for mobile devices it has a lot to offer with amazing bonuses and huge wins. It’s a simple game with a lot of excitement and can play it whenever you want.

Diamond Princess

This is another game that has sparking jewels as part of its symbols. You’ll want them to appear more often so you can take advantage of wild respins and other golden treasures. It’s appealing to women who like enhanced gaming experienced through sound, and automatic pays.

Moonlight Unicorn.

Though this game may appear masculine, it’s very popular among female fans. With up to 80 pay-lines, the number of winnings is slightly higher. It features the typical five reels with four rows setting the pace for interesting gaming experience. You also get to enjoy free spins as well as a couple of symbols and stacks that spice up the game.

Casinos Do’s and Don’ts

Other slots popular with girls.

Girls love other wild games often associated with guys. It’s all about enjoying the dynamics of a game. Games that have beautiful backdrops, creative graphics, and captivating gameplay tend to attract many players. Some common ones include;

  • Samba shake
  • Lucky in Paris
  • Foxtrot Follies
  • Dr. Madspin

All in all, girls haven’t been left out in gambling games. They can also play and enjoy adventurous games as much as their male counterparts. The above are some of the best slot games for girls available in most casinos. With their easy-to-follow and entertaining themes, get ready to enjoy your gambling experience. As long as you have an internet connection on your mobile device or computer, you can access your favorite girls slots. Remember you can always try out the free games before playing with real money.