Paroli Positive, Progressive Betting System

Paroli Positive, Progressive Betting System

Paroli betting system is a new form of gambling widely adopted in Europe and is expanding to the United States. This unique system provides a safe and easy way for people to enjoy their favorite games of chance from home.

Here’s how it works: The Paroli betting method is based on positive progression, which means you double your investment when you win a wager. Understanding the Paroli system is simple. Although it does not ensure the bettor a win, it significantly increases the chances of winning, particularly if you raise the stakes.

History of the Paroli Method

Blaise Pascal, a french mathematician, invented the paroli betting system. Pascal was a famous thinker, philosopher, and one of the greatest mathematicians.

The paroli method is ideally suited for sports betting but can also be used in other forms of gambling, such as casino games. He is also responsible for the roulette wheel, similar to spin and win casino, which determines the winner at the roulette table. Paroli comes from the Latin word par, which means “one who is equal to,” came name Paroli. Victor Bethel’s work also has signs of the Paroli pattern, leading some to speculate that the method is older.

How to Use the Parolli Betting System

The following are the rules for using the paroli betting system:

Establish Your Base Stake or Unit

Consider the entire amount set aside for betting when choosing the amount you wish to start the cycle with.

After a Victory, Double Up

Double the amount of the initial wager for each victory during the cycle.

After three consecutive victories, stop increasing your bets.

Revert to the Base Stake After You Have Won Three Straight Wagers

Probability dictates that it is tougher to win a bet subsequently.

When You Lose, Bet Your Initial Stake

In the event of a loss, the base stake should be used for further wagers.

Paroli Betting System Roulette

If you are familiar with the martingale betting strategy, you know that you are supposed to double your stake after every loss. The disadvantage of using this system is that if you lose consecutively, you will lose a huge chunk of money. The Paroli system reverses this in that you double the bet after you win. Here are the guidelines for using the paroli betting system:

1. Choose a Starting Bet for Each Round

Consider the stakes you want to bet, then set a starting stake for each game round. It is advisable to start with a low stake and then increase your stakes as the game continues.

2. Choose Inside Bets

For roulette, you have to make inside bets. Choose inside bets that have the highest probability of winning. You can always choose to make outside bets, but you will be at the mercy of the roulette wheel.

Example of Paroli in Roulette

Assuming you bet on the black chip, if black wins you will double the chips and play again. If you win again, you will increase the chips to four on your next stake. If you win again the progression continues however you should have a limit to avoid losing a huge amount of money. The good thing about the paroli system is that if you lose in the first few rounds, you won’t lose a huge amount of money. However, if you win in the final round, you will have enough money to cover up all of your losses. See some the popular blackjack winning strategies, that you can apply to win more.

Paroli Betting System for Craps

The next betting system you can use is the paroli betting system in craps. The whole point of the paroli betting strategy is to have a good winning percentage. However, the downside of using this technique is that losing your first few rounds may lose a lot of money.

The idea behind the paroli gambling strategy in craps is to keep doubling your wager after every win. You should start off on a low stake and when it wins, multiply by two and then continue playing until you reach your limit.

Example of Paroli System For Craps

You stake $5 on the pass line. The shooter makes a point after your $5 pass line wager. On the odds bet, you place a $15 additional wager. You receive $35 after the shooter successfully makes their point.

There are now two options available:

You can wager $10 on the pass line, or if you’re feeling particularly daring, you could wager your entire bankroll. That makes your total bet of $40, which includes your $5 wager as well as your profits of $35.

Let’s assume that because you are aggressive, you act in that way. This time, the shooter prevails on the come-out roll.

You have now placed an $80 wager on the pass line. You placed a $240 odds bet after the shooter made a point. Once more, the shooter pulls through for you, and you prevail.

Paroli Betting System Blackjack

The Paroli system is a good bet management system for people looking for a safe and secure way to gamble. It can be used for people with a small bankroll who are not used to winning a lot of money.

However, it’s important to note that this system only works if you know when to stop betting and cash in. The disadvantage of this system is that if you start betting on all of your cards, you could lose all your profits. The Parlay system is slightly better because of this.

The Paroli is a positive progression system that allows players to double their bets following a win. For instance, if you win $5, you would double up on $10, and assuming that you won again, the next wager would be $20.

Since the Paroli system is so easy to implement, most people also use it by adding a win limit. This strategy ensures that the player loses a hand due to the increased bets. Although there is no predetermined win limit in this situation, winning three consecutive hands is a wonderful target to aim for.

You return to the initial starting wager whenever you reach the required number of won hands. If your win limit were three bets, you would return to your initial $5 stake and begin over if you successively won $5, $10, and $20 wagers. This is how it works.


There are many more betting systems, like card counting and they can be applied to various casino games these days. Professional gamblers who analyzed mathematical game patterns have created these betting systems. Because of their accuracy, many players use these systems to win consistently. If you are interested in using these systems, we would love to invite you to visit our forum, where you can communicate with other global gamblers about what is going on in the gaming industry.