How to Use Online Casino Filters to Find Your Favourite Online Slots

How to Use Online Casino Filters to Find Your Favourite Online Slots


Back in the days, online casino sites had fewer games, and you could easily find your ideal online slot. However, things have drastically changed, and casino games have increased so much.

Most of these online casinos will have thousands of games, and you have to go through almost all just to find the game you want to play. In the old days, when online casinos were just introduced, the online sites had about 100 games each. Nowadays, with more than 1000 slots, it makes it hard to get the ideal slot you want to play.

That issue has called for the introduction of special assistance to break down the games to find the one you are looking for quickly. So, at any time you want to engage a slot at an online site with thousands of games, you can always use filters. 

Filters will search for the specific game you want in no time to ease things up at the online platform even with the popular spin and win games.

Navigating Using Casino Filters

When considering the choice of casino to play in, the user experience is a very crucial feature to look for. No one would play in an online casino where they are having a hard time getting to their favorite games. However, as mentioned earlier casinos have found ways to make the ‘finding your favorite game’ process straightforward.

With the use of online slot filters, players will get their preferred game in a matter of seconds. Playing at an online casino can be quite intimidating more so if you are still a newbie. Not everyone can understand the hacks of navigation just like the way not everyone can effectively use a computer.

The issue becomes even more complicated with numerous games on the platform. Some people will have a hard time browsing via the various games, but with filters, they will quickly find their preferred online game.

However, it is prudent to note that not all online gambling sites have filters. Some will lack the filters meaning you have to browse your way to your game of choice.

Locate Your Game Category

The most common filter you will come across in most of these online casinos is where you can filter the games using their name. That enables you to access your treasured game in no time. Once you access the main menu at the online casino, then you can head on to the category of interest whether it is a live casino, video slots, video pokers or table games.

After picking your game section, you can now select your favorite game using the casino search filter. The search filter is possibly the most used and valuable in almost every online casino. It is because the filter picks put the exact game you are looking for.

With the search engine, you do not require any other filter as the filter brings out the exact item you are looking for. The browsing time at the online casino will be reduced, and you will have more playtime. More experienced players find this filter quite helpful and easy to use as they know what they are looking for.

Newbies too can make good use of the search filter if they are quick to learn and get to their game of choice quickly.

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Relevance of Filters

When looking at casino filters, you should understand that it is rare to find two or more casinos using the same filters. Every casino employs an online filter that is different from the other casino. The following are the prominent casino filters that you can most likely find at a casino:

  • Popularity – it is a crucial filter for the newbies in the game. This filter’s function is to show the games mostly played by a majority of punters. The popularity filter will also show trending games. The novice in the game who does not know what game to play can use this filter and learn the gamblers’ favorite games.
  • Alphabetical order – many online casinos will arrange all their slots in an alphabetical order. That makes it easy for the gamblers to locate their favorite game since they already know its name and hence the first letter of that game.
  • Game provider – one of the prominent filters you will find in online casinos is the game provider. It is resourceful more so when playing on a casino that has several platforms. That could be a gaming platform with over ten software providers. You can imagine how stressing it can be trying to find a single game in almost 20 software providers on one casino. With this filter, you will just select the game provider and then filter the favorite game you want to play.
  • Paylines – every game in an online casino has got its specific paylines. This filter will help you see the games that comprise of the paylines you are looking for. You will not have to open every other match to check the paylines.
  • Returns – this filter produces games according to how they give you profits. With the filter, you can determine which games have a low RTP and which ones have a high RTP.

Take Away

Casino filters are very crucial, especially nowadays with the increase of online games in the casinos. Now you do not have to spend hours just looking for your preferred match. All you do is use a filter and the game will pop up.    

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