Exclusive Guide to Playing Colossal Reels Slot Machines

Exclusive Guide to Playing Colossal Reels Slot Machines

Finding slots with colossal reels

Software developers keep surprising players with new online slots that have advanced features. Colossal Reels by Williams Interactive (WMS) is an excellent example of a unique slot type. Though the game is not very common, it’s available in most casinos. Initially, the feature was only available in lands-based games, but now, you can access it online and other spin and win real cash . Some popular colossal reels slot machines that have the WMS trademark include;

  • Nation Double Play
  • Epic Monopoly II Slot
  • Kiss Slot
  • Cash Pump
  • Spartacus Gladiator of Rome slot
  • Fire Queen slot
  • Giant’s Gold slot

Experienced gamblers prefer Colossal reels because they are fun to play. If interested in playing, first confirm if the slot you have chosen has attached these reels. Read on to get more insights about what the game comprises especially its symbols and what they mean.

What to Expect;

  • 100 ways to win
  • Bonus features
  • Big-money slots


This slot game is different from other games in its structure. Other than the usual one reel, this one is made of two sets of reels; 5×4 and 5×12 on one game-screen. It is this unique feature that distinguishes it. The small set is similar to that of video slots and is on the left side. With all these reels, players can hit big wins as they play the 100 pay-lines available. Don’t let the many reels confuse you; you’ll be familiar with this new winning opportunity with a little practice.

Main Features

  • Two sets of reels all active at once
  • All reels got stacked symbols
  • Transferring wilds that can duplicate from reel to reel
  • A total of 100 pay-lines
Dailyspin2win real cash

Colossal Symbols

Having stacked symbols is an indicator of the possibility of regular small wins. You may be familiar with scatters and wild symbols common in many slot machines. We now also have colossal reel symbols, known as transferring wilds, which introduce a new dynamic.

They are slightly different but work almost similarly to wild symbols. Transferring wilds are real game-changers and can change into other symbols, apart from scatters. How these wilds appear across the reels is also different. Secondly, they are duplicated to other colossal reels.

You can get huge wins with these transferring wilds. Though they don’t appear regularly, when they do, they change the course of the game. They are valuable and will add more fun to the game by giving you opportunities to spin more.

How the symbols work

Other than only playing with the usual scatters and expanding wild symbols, consider playing with these reel symbols, too, besides they can help you win. The formula for winning is similar to other slot machine games. As you spin, hope for more value symbols to line up because this often translates to bigger winning payouts. The more matching symbols you get on any of the activated pay-lines, the better for you.

These stacked icons appear on the 5×4 reels set whereby the wild one ‘transfers’ to a corresponding reel in the other big set that has 12 rows. Imagine having 12 wilds filling up all the rows. Obviously, the chances of it translating into bigger and better wins are high.

The reel symbols are slightly larger than the usual symbols; hence, they cover more than one-reel position and increase the chances of a winning formula when they appear. They can cover up to four adjoining reels. Since they are oversized, it’s easy to spot them whenever they are spun in.

Also worth noting that some slots allow you to access the colossal reel symbols at the base game, while others only provide them when you trigger a bonus game. You shouldn’t miss out on such entertaining features as you strive to increase the chances of winning. Go for slot machines that come with long-term payout percentage. Slots that have an RTP of over 96% are worth considering and in the long run, you’ll have more winning spins.

Pros and Cons

If you are a big gambler, all you want to utilize are the dual reels, the transferring wilds, and the 100 pay-lines. Playing these slot games makes sense because it offers you various ways to win – the colossal reel set, the main reel set, and the bonus transfer wilds that are the icing on the cake.

However, for this to be effective, you must play many pay-lines, as much as 60. Playing with all those stacked symbols means you must strive to get specific combinations. Better to confirm the RTP, as well as your gaming budget before deciding to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do colossal reels have big wins?

Yes, thanks to its transferring wilds feature, you can make big wins. The game provides numerous reels with at least one hundred pay-lines, thereby making it profitable. We will address many question that are considered when one wants to start a casino, either a physical one or an online one.

  1. Can I access the game on the mobile phone?

Yes, these slots are also designed for mobile devices, meaning you can access them anytime you wish, provided you have the internet.

  1. What is the difference between colossal reels and other reels?

They have different symbols that work differently. The game’s layout is also different, as this one consists of two sets of reels, giving it a more innovative feature not found in other average video slots.

  1. Can I play for free?

Yes, you can make use of demo mode slots to play at no risk. You won’t worry about playing with real money while still enjoying the game’s exciting adventures. Take this as an opportunity to learn the game.


Colossal reels are classic and laid the foundation for the development of the more advanced games. It is the perfect game for players who enjoy playing on a large scale. Its features, such as transferring wilds, open the door for more ways to win. They can be rewarding and provide players with opportunities to win big. Give colossal reels slot machines a try; take a spin, and see how the game works. Learn more about different types of slot machines for different kinds of players.

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