Biggest Jackpots In Kenya

Available Jackpots In Kenya

Jackpots by definition, are sporting or other entertainment cash events that give participants the opportunity to walk away with plenty of money. In Kenya, today more than ever before, the number of jackpot competitions are sky high. This is with regard to either sports betting and even casinos. Sports betting jackpots are the most common types of jackpots and different betting firms are offering varieties of jackpot competitions. Such jackpot events usually take place once a week and they are often on weekends. While this trend was common throughout the last decade, new entrants to the market are opting to change the game and have additionally offered mid-week jackpot events which are schedule to run specifically on weekdays. Spin to win and win big.

Jackpots often increase over time such that the longer the jackpot goes without being won, the higher the cash prize increases. There are a number of betting companies that have remarkably high jackpot prizes. Below are some of the biggest jackpots available in Kenya.

Bet Lion Goliath Jackpot

The goliath jackpot is the biggest in the entire country whereby the winner gets to walk away with a staggering Ksh. 350 million. This is no small money. Anybody fortunate enough to will this amount of money would be extra rich. One other thing that makes this jackpot competition stand out is the fact that there are other cash prizes that one can win in the event that you fail to predict all the matches correctly.

Betika Jackpot

When they are not sponsoring local teams, they are giving you a chance to win loads of cash, Betika is a well-known betting site in Kenya and so is their jackpot competition. By taking part in their jackpot competition you stand a chance of winning Ksh. 100 million. It goes without say that this amount of money can change a person’s life for sure. By predicting 17 matches correctly, you stand a chance of winning the entire jackpot prize. Of course tax will be deducted, but even after tax, you will still be incredibly rich.

Bet Lion Midweek Jackpot

Bet Lion is famous for giving away huge cash prizes. This betting company offers you a weekly chance of walking away with Ksh. 15 million. This event is active only during weekdays since it is a midweek competition. Regardless, the thought of winning all that money by predicting a few soccer matches correctly is a tempting one.

22bet Jackpot

This is a jackpot event whose winnings are not fixed. They are likely to continue rising until someone finally wins it. As at the moment it was last checked, the total amount to be won stood at Ksh. 30,327,505. Here as well, one gets the opportunity to win cash bonuses.

Mozzartbet Jackpot.

Despite being one of the best betting sites in the country, mozzart bet has a smaller jackpot compared to other betting companies. The total amount to be won from predicting 13 games correctly is Ksh. 10 million. It is also worth noting that there are a number of cash bonuses to be won in the event that you miss predicting one or two of the total matches correctly.


This is new wave of betting different from the conventional one. Simple to play and quick to pay on any wins. The player can place a stake as low as Ksh. 20. There is a chance the stake can be multiplied up to 10,000 times. Payments are done immediately and there is no required minimum balance to withdraw. Try your luck today for a chance to win up to Ksh. 250,000.